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Our physicians have performed hundreds of IME's and depositions. Our experts provide objective reporting that answers your questions. Our satisfied customers use us again and again because of our prompt, effective reports.

Our medical consultants provide a comprehensive report for the following services:

Independent Medical Examinations

IMEs determine causal relationship, medical status and the appropriateness of the current medical treatment plan, etc.
Our experts will answer the questions that are requested including causal relationship, maximal medical improvement, need for surgery or the capability to work. Request Now

Diagnostic Exam reviews of X-ray, MRI, CT scans

Our board certified radiologists review the actual MRIís, CT scans, or X-ray images in order to determine the diagnostic impression. We provide an independent opinion of your clientís diagnostic films.

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Peer Reviews

IPER conducts rigorous peer reviews of pertinent bills to determine medical necessity and appropriateness of treatment.

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File Reviews

Experts review medical records to provide medical opinions concerning specific medical issues.

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Recognized as a leader within the industry, IPER is committed to answer the particular needs of the insurance professional and to assist in claims management. Whether it is a specific type of peer review or multiple specialists independently examining your client, we can arrange these services at your convenience.